You can’t believe Nate if he says I never clean the house. I have proof.

You people are totally unpredictable. Yesterday and today had the highest amount of traffic that I’ve ever had on this thing, and I only got like 6 responses to my question about whether or not you could comment. The other three hundred something of you are in big trouble.

However, I will be nice and not punish you too much, because I’m in a good mood.  My house being clean puts me in a good mood.



^ My nice clean bedroom. A clean bedroom makes for a happy Natey.


^ I dont know if you can tell or not, but even my bathroom is clean.


^ this picture turned out smaller than planned. What’s up with my picture uploader thingamabob today?? Notice my nice new curtains, courtesy of the Travis Condo Remodel. Bonhams + quality handmedowns = love.  You can only see half of the room in this picture. Oh well.


^ Even a clean laundry room! Woah.

DSC03225.JPG ^ ooooh. aaaah. so clean. Even the countertops are clutter-free. I’m on a freakin roll here, people.

DSC03224.JPG ^ sink area…this picture is mainly to point out the mat.

Take special notice of the pie-shaped kitchen mat in that last picture. That took me 2 years to find. I bought it today. Everyone that I’ve ever spoken to at any kitchen/linen/textile/etc store has told me that they don’t exist. I told them that they were lying, because I know I’m not the only one in the world with a corner sink. The makeshift two-mats-pretending-to-be-a-single-square mat that I had before looked like a piece of junk. I’m glad to be rid of it.  I came across this in Bed Bath and Beyond today and just about did a victory dance in the aisle. It was the only brand, only style, only color, and ONLY ONE LEFT. Meant for me? Yes.

I’m not sure why some of those pictures turned out blurry.  Hmm…

Nate’s convinced that I’m secretly putting our house on the market because I keep cleaning it and taking pictures of the results.

Well, while I’m at it, I might as well post some other pics that I took recently.


^ This is what you can find in my backyard after work.


^ You’ll also find Stupidcat watching intently.


^ one of the duck nests in our backyard. Unfortunately, something got in this one and ruined the eggs.


^ Earning his supper.


^ a few of my 100-something ducks. But these dont let me rub their tummies like Duck did. I miss him.


^ "Why are you taking pictures of everything? You should stop."



3 thoughts on “You can’t believe Nate if he says I never clean the house. I have proof.

  1. you do realize that if anyone ever wanted to break into your house all they would need is this post. They would know exactly where to go… Ever seen Red Dragon? I’ll say a prayer for you tonight…Love, Internetphobe

  2. Yeah, if they walked into every house in every neighborhood on every street comparing the insides of THAT house to the pictures I posted. I think that would take them awhile. I would probably have moved by then.I’ll just be sure not to let anyone in that has preprinted pictures of my house in their possession.

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