How did THAT get you here?

It always amazes me the various ways that people stumble upon my site. Alot of it is legitimate. For example, lots of people get here through my Facebook profile. Some come through Lacey’s website, or Nikki S.’s, or through technorato or another pinger system.  The majority of the people who come here daily just know me and keep this page bookmarked in their "favorites." But then, there are those few people every week who type in something crazy into their google searchbar and somehow get my page as a search result.  Squarespace provides this information for my entertainment.

Some of the most common ones are recipes…stuff like "recipes containing cambells soup" or something like that. Sometimes it’s a book title that happens to be on my lit page. Alot of times its Flylady. I also get lots for BonhamBuilt Homes (woohoo! People are looking for you, Nate!). But there are lots of times when I look at the words they typed into their search engine, and I immediately think, "How did THAT get you here?"

Things like "breast enhancement." Have I ever talked about that on my site? I dont think so.

Or "Sevenich Divorce."  No clue.

Or "Nikki ouch." What??

Or "naked Nikki"… EXCUSE ME?!?

Or "Nikki porn" … Okay have I EVER mentioned the word "porn" on here? NO! Okay well now I have. shoot.

Or "Katie Doremus" …. Yep, Katie. People are looking for you on google. And they’re finding me.

And just for your enjoyment, here are a few more searches that led to me:   Foot cream, various types of narcotic medication, Nikki Bonham Madison Mississippi (somebody’s looking for me), presbyterian, Why do we put emphasis on saints?, reformed church, how to stop headaches, what I would look like if I lost 30 lbs.

Random? Yes. It just doesnt seem like typing in "foot cream" would lead you to me. But if it did, Welcome! I’m glad you’re here. But you won’t find any foot-disease remedies here. Sorry.



2 thoughts on “How did THAT get you here?

  1. Well, I’m just so sorry that my fame has finally affected you. I’ve tried to keep my fans, uh, friends out of the spotlight, but as you can see, the paparazzi are relentless. :)

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