Still going strong… for now.

This has been a superproductive weekend… which totally shocks me.  I completely expected to come home from class last week and crash for 2 days. But after my big crash on Thursday evening, I ended up being fine on Friday. When I got back from class, Nate and I went out to check on one of his houses in Rankin County, then went to dinner.  Afterwards, we came home and watched a You, Me, & Dupree. I finished off the night with a big chunk of reading for school.

Saturday, I slept till noon (finally!!), then got up and spent a while online catching up on my feedreader (I hadn’t looked at it all week – such amazing self control!), and Nate had yet another battle with the humongous overgrown rosebush in the backyard (he won). He totally thought that I was going to sit on my butt all day long while he spent the afternoon sweating profusely in the heat. I don’t blame him, I would have been expecting that too if I were him. But I decided to be a good wife and clean the house for the first time in 6 days.  Meanwhile, he finished a huge mountain of yardwork.

Then we went out to his last house left in Rankin County and got it ready for today’s open house. He pressure-washed the driveway while I cleaned the bathrooms and polished the floors (once again, such a good wife!). Then we went over to Lacey and Brad’s for dinner and a round of Cranium with a few others.  Cranium is a fun game, by the way.

This morning was church at the theater (we couldnt use the school today, so we relocated once again to the movie theater…its always kind of weird having church there), followed by lunch with several couples from church, and a nap. When we woke up, Nate finished all of his required reading for elder training (he’s observing, not actually going through the training), and I got started painting the bathroom.  By the time he got home from his elder meeting tonight, I had the bathroom all finished, complete with new shower curtain and bathtowels. (This is the guest bathroom that I’ve been working on for about a year now… I’m bad about getting 80% finished with a project, then getting sidetracked.)

SOoooo, that was a long way of saying that between the two of us, we got the house totally sparkling (you should have seen it before), completed lots of yardwork, beat the crap out of a rosebush, did a significant amount of reading for class/elder training, painted/redecorated the guest bathroom, got one of Nate’s houses ready for show, hung out with friends twice, watched a movie, took a nap, went to church (which always wears us out since we have so many responsibilities there!), and still had time to blog. All in one weekend.  All in one weekend that immediately followed a 40-hour intensive class-in-a-week.

Sometimes we Bonhams impress ourselves.

Maybe tomorrow will bring the crash.


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