He’s got more talent in his electric screwdriver than you do in your whole body

Yes, I’m bragging about Nate.  When it comes to building houses, he’s the master. He’s the king. He’s the BEST EVER.  And that’s my totally professional, unbiased opinion.  But just in case my word isnt good enough for you, here’s a few pictures as proof.  Check out these beauties:


^ The third house he ever built.


^ This one will be featured in this years Parade of Homes. 2298 Square feet. 3 bedrooms + bonus, 3 baths, office, etc. Lovely.


^ This one still has about 2 months to go.  Obviously, it still needs  a yard and a driveway.  It also still has some work to go inside, plus he’s going to do some more to the front. Possibly a smear and some cool shutters, perhaps?

Bainbridge%2080%201.JPG This one also has about 2 months left. 


^ My favorite. I love it.


^The first house he ever built.  It was featured in last year’s Parade of Homes.

There are also a few more, but either I dont have good pics of them, or I don’t have pics at all.  If you’re interested in buying, almost everything he’s built so far has hardwood and tile floors, huge master suites with his/her sinks and closets, garden tubs, high ceilings, fireplaces, 2 car garages, small private offices (so you dont have to convert a bedroom into an office) and lots more.  PLUS they’re built by the MASTER of homebuilding. What more could you want?

And in case you were wondering, no I was not paid to say this.  This is REALLY how I feel. I totally endorse his product!

Okay, for real, the only thing that could make these houses better is if they were on a lake, then I could move in to one of them and take Duck with me.  But YOU don’t have a pet duck, so there’s no reason why YOU can’t buy them. Except that some of them are already sold….but you can buy one of the others. They’re fabulous.

Mainly I just wanted his family to be able to see what he’s doing down here in Mississippi, but if this happens to sell one of his houses, I won’t complain!

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