I should change his name to “Human”

Saturday I decided that Duck needed some socializing with other ducks, so Nate and I took him/her/it with us when we went to meet Lacey, Brad, and Jane Bradley at the park. The park has a big pond in the middle and tons of ducks and geese that are relatively tame.  Tame in the sense that you can get close to them and they don’t fly away, not in the sense that you can touch them.  All of the kids who go to the park love to chase them and feed them and everything else that kids like to do with ducks. They always try to touch them, but cant because they move.

Enter the Bonhams, carrying a baby duck. I should have thought about it ahead of time that going to a park on a saturday crowded with kids who are unsuccessfully trying to touch ducks wouldn’t be a good setting to bring Duck to.  It was like a magnet- I think every child in the park focused in on us like a tractor beam. Duck had a fabulous time chasing kids around, nibbling their fingers and hair, and being fed every type of food known to childkind.

The result? Duck hated the other ducks at the pond (and was even bitten by a mama duck after running up to and scaring her babies), loved being the center of attention among the kids, and was even further convinced of his status as a human being.

It doesnt look like I’m getting rid of this duck anytime soon.  He wouldnt make it in the wild.

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