2 new characters…

There are two characters in my life that, according to Lacey, I should introduce on here.  And considering the amount of entertainment that these two characters provide us on a regular basis, I guess she’s right.

Let me tell you about Gabriel.  When we moved in to our little house here in Madison, God was very thoughtful in placing us right next door to one of the most adorable little families ever.  To be honest, I don’t even know their last names. We’re "over-the-fence" friends, if you know what I mean- which is actually something I’m trying to develop into something deeper.  The mom’s name is Suzanne, and she’s probably less than 5 feet tall and really tiny. When we first moved in, she was pregnant with her 2nd baby, which was a pretty funny site. She looked totally topheavy- this tiny little lady with a huge belly.  I can’t remember the dad’s name- he’s out of town the majority of the time.  I’ve only talked to him maybe 3 times in the past 2 years.  But Suzanne and I talk over the fence alot.

Anyway, back to Gabriel.  Gabriel is her 3-year-old little boy.  He is possibly the cutest little boy I’ve ever met- long straight dark hair, HUGE big brown eyes…kind of what I imagine what my little boy might look like if I have one.  He was the first one to greet us into the neighborhood. He’s a pretty outgoing little guy.  My favorite part about it is that he’s a HUGE animal lover, but they don’t have any pets of their own.  So when we moved in with our zoo, all of Gabriel’s dreams came true.  They buy dog treats at the store for our puppies, and at least twice a day he’s out there sticking treats through the fence for them.  He can’t ever remember their names, so he calls them by what color they are.  And the dogs LOVE him. The second he comes outside his back door, they all bound over to the fence between our yards, whimpering until he comes and sticks his hands through the fence for them to lick and nuzzle.  He thinks their his dogs.  Suzanne said that his teacher asked her one day about their pets, and she said "we dont have any pets…" and the teacher said "Well Gabriel tells me all the time about his three dogs and cat!" 

He loves Stupidcat too (although we tell him her name is Kittycat). Stupidcat spends most afternoons in their backyard playing with him, and he carries her around like a football and plays on his swingset with her in tow.  At one point, Suzanne came to me and said "I hope you don’t mind, but sometimes I wake up in the morning and Gabriel has let your cat inside in the middle of the night, and she’s sleeping in the bed with him…" I just said "I hope you don’t mind that my cat sleeps in the bed with your toddler!"  The only problem they’ve had with Stupidcat so far is when Gabriel left the lid off of his sandbox… She thought it was her own personal litter box.

So, when Duck came to live with us, I watched out the window anxiously for Gabriel to come outside.  As soon as he did, I ran outside to show him the latest addition.  I taught him how to hold it (Maya, the little 1-and-a-half-year-old girl, was scared of it), and he played with it for a little while.  The best part was when his mom came outside to see what was going on.  He looked at her and yelled "Hey mom, look! I got a duck!!"

Suzanne keeps telling me that she doesnt know what she’s going to do when we move, because its going to break Gabriel’s little heart. He truly does think that they’re his pets, and he’s going to have a hard time understanding that when we leave, they have to go with us.  But for now, our "kids" are lucky to have two families!

The second character is a somewhat new addition.  It’s a bird, and no, I’m not talking about a yellow fluffy one named Duck.  This one is grey, black, and white, and his name is Stalkerbird. And its Stupidcats arch enemy. Don’t ask me why, because we haven’t figured it out yet…although Nate has found some pretty convincing evidence that shows that Stupidcat might have lived up to her name yet again and done something, well, stupid.  Exhibit A: half of a bird egg in the backyard.  Exhibit B: a big pile of grey feathers in the attic. Verdict: Stalkerbird might have reason for exacting revenge.

About three weeks ago, Nate was outside working on something -cant remember what- when he saw something a litte out of the ordinary. Stupidcat was walking down the sidewalk, and a big grey bird was following it, dive-bombing it every few seconds or so.  A few days later, he was outside again and saw the same thing. Then it happened again.  He kept telling me about it, but I hadnt seen it for myself. Finally, one weekend about 2 weeks ago, he called me outside to see for myself.  Sure enough, Stupidcat was running around the driveway, dodging the overhead attacks from this big grey bird. 

Ever since, it’s gotten worse and worse.  We’re to the point now where the bird sits in the tree outside our front door in the morning, waiting for Stupidcat to come outside.  As soon as she does, Stalkerbird starts its attack. This goes on all day, wherever she goes, as long as Stupidcat is outside.  When we went down to the lake several afternoons last week, Stalkerbird followed, sat on the fence behind us, and bombed her the whole time.  I walked outside one morning to leave for work, and Stupidcat was cowering under the truck, while Stalkerbird was sitting on the top of the truck squawking its head off, and making swooping dives underneath every few seconds.  Last wednesday night, I heard some strange noises, opened the blinds in the living room to find Stupidcat sitting on the table, pawing at the window and begging to come in.  Stalker bird was about 3 feet behind her, perched on the grill, and bombing her continually.

We can’t figure out how to stop it.  Stupidcat has resorted to hiding in the bushes beside the house until we get home, and the bird sits on top of the light post in our yard, screaching at her to come out. Plus, Stalkerbird has gotten braver and is starting to make her attacks in much closer proximity to us than she used to. Eventually, one of us is going to lose an eye.

So this is our latest form of entertainment- warning Stupidcat when she asks to go outside that she’s going to pay for it…then watching from the window as she gets a taste of her own medicine. 

So, if you have any suggestions as to how to get a bird to leave my cat alone, let us know.  Although, this might not be such a bad thing….Curiously, I havent had my feet spontaneously attacked in three weeks.


^Stalkerbird watching from above.

See for yourself. Here’s a tiny clip of video proof. Sorry it’s sideways, I dont know how to fix it. There was no point in uploading a long video, because its the same thing repeated over and over and over and over and…you get the point.

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