Sometimes silence is best

Sorry that I’ve stayed away for a few days.  The weekend was rough because Nate was really sick the whole time.  Sundays are always hard because of my job….but I guess that’s part of working for a church- Sunday is your hardest day.  Monday I went straight from work (the other job) to the church office to redo the nursery trailer… which took me and Nate 5 hours.  We left there and went straight to Lacey’s to watch 24 and Thank God You’re Here, and I was going to post while I was at Laceys. 

But on the way, I heard about the VTech incident on the news (I know, I cant believe I didnt hear about it until 7:45pm), and it just made me not want to post.  I didnt really know what to say about it. I only know two people that attend school there, and both are fine, but I think it pretty much affected everyone. I didn’t want to post the normal worthless random stuff I put on here..I felt if I posted anything, it should be meaningful.  But I didn’t know what.  Everything that needed to be said (and much more) had already been said. I hated that the media focused more on the so-called "screw-ups" of the university instead of honoring the lives of the victims…But the victims have still been honored and remembered across the country, even if the news stations would rather spend time talking about pictures and videos and gun laws.

Anyway. That’s why I havent posted. It didnt seem right, I guess.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back. And I have some great things for you.


Teaching Duck to swim in the lake like a good mama would.



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