Sad, Cute, and Painful

We’ve lost one of my all-time favorites. What a sad day.

Also, I have a video for you to watch.  I have decided that if Nate and I were otters, I hope we would be just like these. You have to watch all the way till the end. Its only about a minute and a half long.  This is possibly the cutest thing ever. Besides Duck.

Last night, Duck discovered eyeballs. He thought they looked wonderfully peck-worthy. I thought it hurt. My eyes watered and I had to go take out my contacts and put on my glasses, which served as a nice little shield. Until Nate got home with his two unprotected eyeballs… fresh meat.

2 thoughts on “Sad, Cute, and Painful

  1. Hey,Something funny…I still have not met you! Ha, what is there about 200 students at RTS and nothing. That is horrible. Are you ever at school? Wait, do you know what I look like so that if you saw me you could say hi? :)

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