World, meet Duck. Duck, this is the world!

Say hello to the newest member of the Bonham family. Or, the Bonham zoo if you’d rather call it that.  Some refer to us as the Bonham Refugee Camp. We’ll answer to anything.

A friend from church came over to our house yesterday and asked "Can we give you a duck?"  Of course, I agreed immediately, no questions asked.  Turns out, his daughter had bought it, but she lives at a boarding school in another city, and the school wouldnt let her keep it.  So they had to give it away.  They knew we liked animals and that we have a lake with ducks behind our house, so they brought it over.


He’s too little to be out on his own right now.  Baby ducks this young don’t last long out there in the lake.  The turtles bite their toes off, making it so that they can’t swim, and they drown.  We don’t want that to happen to this guy, so we’re keeping him with us until he’s big enough to fight off the turtles.  For now, I let him play in the sink. But he also likes to swim in his water bowl.

Everybody else is taking to him pretty well.  Stupidcat thinks its a toy (maybe like the remote-control mouse she and Nate used to play with?) and doesnt understand why she can’t have it.  She’s only pounced once so far, and Nate caught her mid-pounce. 

The puppies don’t have a problem with it at all.  Leia tries to play a little too rough, but none of them have shown to be any threat yet.

From everything I’ve found online, it looks to be a Pekin Duck (same as a Peking duck- but we’re not eating this one), which means it will be totally white when it gets bigger. But for now, he’s just a big yellow ball of fluff.  Perfect for Easter!


Playing in the sink


Meeting the rest of the family. Annabeth is a good babysitter.


Leia has to be watched a little closer.


Snuggled up in the chair with Natey after a big Easter lunch.

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