Upcoming: Testimony Tuesday… and a plug for The Listener’s Bible

Tim Challies (as I’ve said before, one of my favorite bloggers), has asked in this post that Christian bloggers take some time this coming Tuesday to post their testimony online.  He rightly says that

"Testimonies stand as evidence of God’s grace, showing God’s ability and desire to save people of all types and from all walks of life. They inspire Christians to appreciate the goodness and grace of the Lord. They are also valuable for witnessing to others. So I thought I would put a challenge out for Christian bloggers to post their testimonies to their blogs next Tuesday (we can call it Testimony Tuesday)."

I thought this would be a great thing to take part in, and wanted to help spread the word.  So, if you have a blog, post your testimony this coming Tuesday (April 3), and email the link to Tim Challies.  He’ll post a link to it on his blog, so that everyone can surf through reading the testimonies that day from one central place.  If you don’t have a blog, you’re welcome to email me your testimony, and I will post it here. Or you can leave it as a comment.

This is a great way to show others the wondrous ways that God has worked in your life… please take part!


On a totally unlrelated note, I thought I would share a recent purchase that I made that has made a big difference to me.  Last week, I bought The Listener’s Bible, which is an mp3 version of the ESV bible and is read by Max McLean. 

I decided to get it because I am having to read large amounts of the Bible for seminary, and I figured it would be nice to make good use of my time and be able to listen in the car or while I’m getting dressed or whenever. 

I originally looked for a different version (not read by McLean), but couldnt find one by anyone else that was ESV.  I also didn’t want one that was a "dramatic reading" with a musical score and sound effects.  I just wanted the Bible, that’s it. Believe it or not, that’s hard to find.  McLean’s reading style is a little theatrical, but not nearly as much as some of the others.  It bothered me a little at the beginning, but I got used to it really quickly and I think it actually helped me to follow along better.  (If you want to hear a sample, call 1-800-611-6433 and you will hear a voice recording). 

So the other night, I laid down on the couch with my Bible, pulled out my mp3 player, and hunkered down for awhile to listen and follow along.  I went through about 70 chapters in one sitting! I’ve never been able to read that much of the Bible at one time without losing focus.  It was so much easier to follow along and understand when I was listening and reading at the same time.  My retention was better and I felt like I had a much better grasp on the text.  I guess it was because I was hearing and seeing it at the same time–2 learning methods rather than one.

I would definitely recommend getting The Listeners Bible if you are wanting to get through the entire Bible or are needing to read large amounts at one time.  I have made a goal to read through the whole Bible this year (I’ve never done it before), and I think this will make a big difference.

Just a tip, if you want it! 

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