New stuff everywhere! Oh my!

I’ve added lots of new things tonight that might be of interest to you….

First, I added the "Recent Finds" portion onto the nav bar… it will always stay automatically up to date with feeds from blogs that I read that are particularly interesting… all I have to do is make one little click on my feedreader, and -voila!- it appears in that section of the site.  It keeps me from lots of unneccessary linking and paraphrasing someone elses post. That way, you can just see what I like and read it yourself.  Check out the one that Lacey wrote recently ("Mercy" via Leci’).  Muy bien.

Next, I totally updated the Links page (Click on "Resources" on the nav bar, then "favorite links"). I updated my blog list, so now you can see for yourself the ones that I read on a daily basis.  I added the "Theology, Religion, & Christianity" section, which has lots of useful links, especially if you’re interested in learning more.  Some are just good resources. I also added a few more links to the "Miscellaneous" category, so be sure to check those out too.

I also added in my Xanga Archives (the link before took you nowhere), under the "Downloadables" section.  I made an addition to that section as well – a doc called "Help! I’m Reformed and Presbyterian!"  It’s one that Hunter Brewer wrote up and taught on last week at our Sunday Night service.  (He’s doing this study for a year, so if you want to know more about the Reformed faith, its the perfect place to learn it! Every 1st and 3rd sunday evenings… dinner at 5, service at 6…. and yes, Lacey, that was another shameless recruiting attempt!)

Oh, and I changed it so that anyone who gets a feed subscription to this site gets an excerpt instead of the full text.  Now that I use my feedreader so much, I understand how much nicer it is to have just a sentence or paragraph at first instead of the whole post… you can pick what you want to read and what you don’t without having to scroll through so much.  I know that doesn’t apply to everyone, but hopefully all of the subscribers will find it helpful.

I think that’s all I did for tonight, but I’m not totally sure, seeing that it’s now almost 11:30 and my brain is ceasing to function properly. I’m up wayyy too late tonight. Yes, I’m an old woman who now does the very thing she always made fun of her daddy for…. turning off at 10pm. Goodnight.


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