I apparently need to change my laundry ways…

We’re  heading to the beach on Sunday after church and I CAN’T WAIT. I’ll have alot of work to do while I’m down there, but that’s okay.  I’ve got to finish all of my reading for class, write a paper, and study for my midterm. Plus I have alot of Children’s Ministry stuff to work on. Emily is going down with us, so that will be nice.  I’ll have a study buddy since she’s in the same class that I am.

I have a strange husband who says strange things. But they make me laugh. For example, a conversation we had this morning:

Nate: Do I have any clean pants in the dryer?

Me: Yeah I did a load last night before we went to bed, so they should be ready. I can’t remember what I put in there though. I dont know if it was lights or darks.

Nate: You separate our laundry by color?

Me: Yep.

Nate: You’re such a racist.

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