Fabulous news to come home to…

So Nate decided to take me out to supper tonight upon my arrival home.  Just because he loves me and missed me so much. Or so I thought. We get to Cracker Barrel (he knows I LOVE their meatloaf – no jokes please) and I see Emily’s car in the parking lot.

Me: That’s Emily’s car! That’s her UGA tag, and her Georgia sticker, and her RUF sticker, and her ‘Emily’ back on the front seat!
Nate: Nahh, that’s probably not her car.
Me: No really, it is! I can’t believe she’s here too! LOOK! That’s Dad’s car! What are they doing here?
Nate: I don’t know… (silly grin)
Me: Did you invite them to come to a welcome-home dinner? Awww!
Nate: Maybe…

I’ll skip ahead to the part where we get to the table and leave out all of the "aww you’re such a sweet husband, you DID miss me!" stuff that I know you don’t want to hear.

At the table, they  yelled "Surprise!" and the whole family, minus Janie and + Emily was there. Even Jane Bradley.  At that point, I was still a little confused as to why they all are here for dinner with me. I mean I was only gone 2 days. Surely they can handle it.

So I sit down and start talking. And telling them about my trip. And asking questions. Until finally I see the DIPLOMA sitting in front of me on the table!  Yes, folks, you heard me right. DIPLOMA. It has finally arrived. I am OFFICIALLY finished with my bachelor’s degree. After all of the correspondance classes from hell and the paperwork and transfer-hoopla, they have finally purged me from the system and decided to give me my sheepskin. So the dinner turned into a graduation celebration, Cracker Barrel-style. Jane Bradley spit up her peas and jumped through hoops for cornbread once she had a taste, all for the sake of the completion of my undergraduate career. Officially.

Plus, I received my acceptance letter from Reformed Theological Seminary today. I start classes in two weeks. Finish with one, officially, and start the other, officially. It figures that I wouldn’t even have ONE day when I wasn’t technically a student. I will always be the perpetual student. What can I say? I’m just too scared of the real world, I guess.

So that’s my good news.  You can all go have a toast on my behalf.  Don’t get too drunk, now. 


4 thoughts on “Fabulous news to come home to…

  1. congrats on the diploma! funny how the acceptance letter comes in after you have finished a class…meatloaf…haha

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