Woe is me..

I’m sitting alone in a hotel room in Atlanta really missing my Natey.  I’m here for a 3-day PCA conference that nobody could join me for.  Since its in the middle of the week and most people have kids and jobs they can’t get time off from, I’m here by myself.

The conference is really good, though.  The main speaker has been Stephen Smallman Sr, who is really dynamic and easy to listen to.  The workshops have been great and have had lots of practical tips that can be implemented easily into a church-plant scenario.  As far as workshops go, these have probably been the best ones from any seminar/conference I’ve been to. 

Tomorrow we finish up with Susan Hunt as the speaker, who is one of my all-time favorite speakers and authors.  I practically devour anything she writes. Everything should be wrapped up by 2 or so, and I’ll begin the long trek home despite the icy forecast.  Of course, that makes me a little nervous. I hate driving in icy weather.  Only I-59 is supposed to be bad though.  Once I get to 20, it should clear. 

Say a prayer for me tomorrow for traveling mercies!

One thought on “Woe is me..

  1. how’s seminary treating you?I talked to wilson about the Yakama Indian Reservation internship that will be going through the summer. seems interesting (that is the place that the youth group went to visit last summer for a week, an internship would be all summer)Hope you and Nate have a safe trip home!Rob

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