Some Random Statements…

THIS is not winter. Yesterday was about 200 degrees outside and today is pouring down rain and all humid-y.  I thought Christmas was in 2 weeks? I think my calculations were off and we’re actually in the middle of September.

I think We Are Marshall looks like a great movie.

I went on a novel-hunt last night, tearing my house apart looking for one that I havent read yet while Nate yelled at me to come to bed. I was determined to read something FICTIONAL for a change of pace and couldnt find anything new. By the time I finally came back to bed, I had worn myself out too much to read anyway.

Studio 60 didn’t come on last night and I was sad.

I am craving a diet coke and I have none.

Stupidcat is on a neurotic rampage today. Maybe because of the rain. Either way, I’m ready for her to quit ripping Christmas ornaments off the tree and chasing them wildly around the house. I think I also probably have permanent teeth imprints around my ankles as a result of her morning Bite-the-Crap-Out-of-Nikki’s-Legs routine.  For some reason, Nate’s ankles aren’t nearly as tempting.

Luke is now in daycare, and I am in withdrawal. I miss my little boy.


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