I was posting last Friday and the computer froze. So I just didnt worry about it and figured I’d finish it later. I signed on this morning, only to see that it had published it anyway, and I had no idea. SOOO, that’s why you only got half a post. I saved it as unpublished and I’m going ot go back and finish it hopefully this afternoon.

But until then, here’s a story you really need to hear.

We had an event occur this weekend that is scripted straight out of a National Lampoons Christmas Vacation movie… it was hilarious. Only it wouldnt have been so hilarious if it had happened any other way. Saturday, I spent the day at Mom’s helping her decorate for Christmas. Lacey, Brad, and Dad were out of town in Dallas at the Colts game, so Jane Bradley was with us. Tutu came over to keep JB happy while we decorated. There’s your setting.

Meanwhile, Mom goes upstairs to get some more Christmas decorations out of the attic that is above the guest room. The rest of us are downstairs and hear this weird thud but didn’t know what it was. A few minutes later, Mom comes limping downstairs, bleeding all down her leg. (**Note- you have to realize, of course, that we have some type of Christmas tragedy every year in which Mom gets injured… usually blood, a visit to either Beth or Brad -and sometimes a visit to the ER- are involved. When she came downstairs bleeding, we of course werent surprised necessarily, just wondering what our annual event for Holiday ’06 entailed…) I ask her what happened, and she says "Go look at Emily’s room." I kind of wondered for a second why she was in Emily’s room in the first place, but didnt really think about it much. I fully expected to walk upstairs to Emily’s room and see an unbelievable amount of blood splattered everywhere. That’s what happened last year, only it wasnt in Emily’s room. So I walked upstairs thinking, "this is going to be hard to clean up if its on the carpet." I walk into the room, however, and what I see is NOT blood, but rather a huge, mom-shaped hole in the ceiling of Emily’s room above her bed, and drywall, insulation, fiberglass, and ceiling popcorn EVERYWHERE. Yes, your assumption is correct… She had fallen ENTIRELY through the ceiling!! The best part? She had landed smack-dab in the middle of Emily’s bed! It was absolutely hilarious. Of course, that wasnt going to be easy to clean up either, but it was much MUCH funnier.

So I call Nate, who is back at home enjoying a much-needed relaxing day of MI:3, and told him the situation. I mean, we had to have someone fix the ceiling… Emily couldn’t sleep underneath a giant hole in the ceiling that led up to the attic and who-knows-what. So we pulled down all of the drywall that was hanging from the celing and stripped the bedding. We also doctored Mom’s leg, which wasn’t hurt that bad, but one of the cuts looked really deep, even though the opening was really small. I called Beth anyway, just to have her check it out. Besides, I didnt know what to do if there was fiberglass or something inside the wound. She comes over and says she’s completely disappointed because the wound wasn’t nearly as good as she wanted it to be. (Well at least we know where your heart really is, Beth…)

So mom’s all fixed up, the ceiling is getting fixed up, and everything’s okay. The best part was that Emily wasnt even home yet, so she was going to get a GREAT surprise when she walked in the door. I wish I had gotten more pictures of the whole thing to show both you and Emily, but I only got this one after Nate had already started working:


Needless to say, Dad has decided that Christmas ornaments will no longer be stored in the attic. We were lucky that it was a funny incident and not a tragic one. There were 2 joists in the ceiling that she just barely missed…. if she’d knocked her head on either of them on the way down, she could have been in big trouble. Or, if she had fallen a few feet over from where she did, she would have landed in the foyer rather than on Emily’s soft bed….which is an 18-foot drop to a wood floor. Lucky for mom -and for us- that it ended up how it did.

Now, hopefully that will be the only event we have this year, and that this isnt the beginning of a new tradition: a Thanksgiving incident and a Christmas incident! If we’re lucky (and we definitely have been so far) this is the only one for the season. And in that case, at least we got it over with early!


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