Count sheep? I’m waaayyyy too nerdy for that!

So last night while trying to sleep, I decided to write Nate a limerick. Of course, when I told him, he mumbled something along the lines of "I don’t even know what that is…" and went back to sleep. So today at lunch, I wrote it down for him on a napkin at Applebees.

A Limerick for BonhamBuilt Homes by Nikki Bonham

I married Mississippi’s best builder

His only problem so far is his realtor.

If she doesn’t get off her rear

and sell these houses this year…

It wont matter — by then he’ll have killed her! 

Ha! When he read it, he said "My realtor wouldn’t appreciate that." He just fails to see the raw talent hiding inside his wife.  I’ll just have to spend my night writing limericks for other people, I guess.

Here’s one that Titanicat left as a comment on the Challies blog. I thought it was pretty good (but our rhyme structurew are a little different): 

Luther Limerick

There once was a German named Luther
Who nailed it right on the head.
Thanks to what he began
I can know Christ firsthand
And I don’t care what any pope said.

And some favorites from a file in my cabinet full of writings I’ve found in magazines:

The Limerick is furtive and mean;

You must keep her in close quarantine,

Or she sneaks to the slums

And promptly becomes

Disorderly, drunk and Obsene 

–Morris Bishop 

A wonderful bird is the pelican,

His bill can hold more than his belican.

He can take in his beak

Enough food for a week;

But I’m damned if I see how the helican.

—Dixon Merritt

And possibly one of my all-time favorites…

The Hoover, in grim silence sat,

But sucking no more at the mat;

Quietly it grunted

As slowly it shunted,

And messily disgorged the cat.

—David Woodsford 



2 thoughts on “Count sheep? I’m waaayyyy too nerdy for that!

  1. wow stephanie. you’ve reached a new level… limericks? we’re cant be roomates anymore. you blew it.

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