Open Mic Opportunity, part II

October 30, 2006 ~ Monday afternoon

In anticipation of tomorrow, I’ve found a few articles and blogs for you to read, just in case you want to make a post or email me about your thoughts on Halloween/Reformation Day. I’m looking forward to what the christian blogging world holds in store for us tomorrow, since alot of people will be taking part in Tim Challies’ Reformation Day Symposium.  Hopefully, you’ll do the same! Of course, you can email me with your own thoughts and I’ll post them along with my own.

Oh, and a quick note/disclaimer: Just because I linked to these blogs or articles does NOT mean that I necessarily agree with all of the content…. I’m just providing you with some interesting viewpoints to help you form your own opinion.


Christians & Halloween by John MacArthur

The History of Halloween: It’s probably not what you think, Part 1 by Dennis Rupert

The History of Halloween, Part II by Dennis Rupert (including "How Should Christians React to Halloween?")

Halloween: A Discernment Exercise by James B. Jordan of Ransom Fellowship Ministries


Silent Matters

The Thirsty Theologian

Question Everything


Our Sovereign Joy  – (this one’s just to make you laugh a little)

BaylyBlog and another by BaylyBlog


One thought on “Open Mic Opportunity, part II

  1. I just found this incoming link. Thank you so much for the link. This blog is only a few weeks old so it’s very much appreciated.

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