October 14, 2006 ~ Saturday Afternoon

Today I have written a paper on Hitler’s New Order in Europe, a topic you find particularly fascinating, I’m sure. Next up, going back to that Wedding in Cana with the water turned to wine. Still havent written that paper yet. For some reason that one is just really giving me trouble.  I woke up this morning, though, and checked my email to find 6 great links that my mom had sent me on the topic. Thanks mom! They’re helping alot, actually. I’m still reading all of the information… there’s lots of it.

Nate has been so SO fabulous this weekend.  I came home yesterday and took a nap because I was so tired and my back was hurting so bad.  I didn’t really sleep well, but that’s beside the point. I woke up to find a sparklingly clean kitchen, a fully cleaned-out fridge, and even clean drip-pans in the stove. I was so impressed (:  I ended up taking a break from the work to spend some quality time with him…. we laid on the couch watching part of Season 2 of The Office on DVD.  Then, today he has been Mr. Home-Improvement-and-Repair… He went to Lowe’s (twice) and has been busy fixing our fence (making the gates wider with 2 doors instead of 1), working on the transition between the wood floor and the tile (we didnt have any T-mold before), and just general around-the-house stuff.  He also bought a paintball gun during that time, but I’m perfectly fine with that.

I had to wake up this morning to schoolwork, though, which is a bummber, but I only have 6 days left. I can do 6 more days.  

Okay, well now that all of the articles I’ve been printing are just about through, I’m going to go snuggle back up on my couch with my textbooks and laptop. Wish me luck!

PS. The beautiful Kelly Maxwell Rice comes in town tonight with her sweet hubby. Yay! 

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