October 13, 2006 ~ Friday afternoon

My eyelids feel so heavy today….I feel like I can barely hold them up.  Nate said to just take them off, but for some reason I don’t think that would solve my problem. I need a nap.

I am writing a paper on the first miracle of Jesus, which was the water-to-wine incident at the wedding in Cana.  I have to write about the underlying meaning/symbolism of the event, as well as the significance of the fact that he chose that specific circumstance as his first miracle.  Any suggestions? This one is a little harder…most of the ones I’ve written so far in this class have come really easily and quickly to me, but I’m having trouble with this one for some reason.

I was doing some research for it online and came across something interesting.  When Lord Byron (famous romantic poet, for those who dont know, also the guy who wrote "Don Juan") was in 3rd grade, his teacher hosted a contest for the students in the class.  They were to describe the miracle at Cana ad express how they understood it.  Lord Byron, who obviously had an unbelievable talent for words and image-creation even at a young age, won the competition.  His description of the event? "Water saw its Creator and blushed." I dont even know what to say to that.

Anyways, any suggestions for this topic are welcome.

I also thought I would share a couple of the latest Jane Bradley pics, taken by her beautiful mama.  I hope she doesn’t get mad at me for posting them here.  As I’ve said before, Lacey is quite the internet-phobe.  Oh well, if they disappear tomorrow, you’ll know why.

jb1.jpgjb4.jpgjb9.jpgjb7.jpg  Such a silly little girl. She laughs so hard and has the sweetest little grin.  She’s looking more and more like her daddy every day.  Already 2 and a half months old… I can’t believe it!


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