September 22, 2006

Bad bad bad news…..  I don’t have the cord for my digital camera.  I just assumed I wouldn’t need it because usually I put the memory card directly into the computer.  Unfortunately, I didnt bring my computer, I brought mom’s old one because mine is temporarily out of commission.  So, no pictures until I get home.  Sorry.

Good news: We made it!  We’re in Fort Lauderdale in the hotel. We went down to the riverwalk because I’d heard it was the place to go…. I was wrong. We ended up going to this little restaurant called the Rustic Inn because Nate was craving some crabmeat.  Being the absolutely wonderful wife that I am, I agreed to go….  They really didn’t have much on the menu for me (: But that’s okay, I get to pick the restaurant tomorrow night.

We’ve got a full day tomorrow – I wish I could have posted pictures.  I took a few good ones.

Oh, and they didnt have our rental car when we went to pick it up, so we got a PT Cruiser… fun fun.


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