September 21, 2006

I’m taking a short (very short) break from schoolwork to post…. just because I need to look at something else for a minute other than a textbook.  Be proud – Its getting down to the wire and I’m working my little booty off to get it done.  I hate correspondence courses. Hate them. I keep telling myself "4 more weeks and its over- no more correspondence classes, no more undergrad, no more harassment from family members about getting married and never finishing my degree…..4 more weeks."  Of course, I have to actually FINISH within the 4 weeks to make all of that come true. But it WILL happen. It MUST.  Feel free to hound me about it. All encouragement welcome here.

I took a couple of sidebars off of the navigation menu becuase I was afraid it was taking too long to load.  Sorry about that.  Hope none of you regularly used any of that stuff!

Getting close to being ready to go on the trip…. a little more packing, some cleaning, and some SLEEPING (+ some schoolwork thrown in there) and we’re off!!  The plane leaves at tomorrow AM around 6:30 or something.  I don’t know.  I havent actually looked at the itinerary.  That’s what organized husbands are for.   I will be taking pictures and posting from the trip, though, so check back.  I’ll keep y’all updated during our crazy caribbean adventure. This is our first vacation completely alone (except for the honeymoon which was really short because we had to get back to class so it doesnt count), so it has been greatly anticipated…. a little alone time never hurt a couple.  Not that I wouldn’t welcome any of your company, but you know what I mean. (Don’t be offended, family).

Anyways, back to the study of 2 Kings.

2 thoughts on “September 21, 2006

  1. Don’t feel bad NikkI. We started school at the same time and I’m telling myself "Only two more years, only two more years." Haha. Five if you count law school. I guess I should just become a professional student. Does that pay good?

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