September 1st, 2006 ~ Friday morning

I’ve got quite high expectations for myself this weekend. I have a hefty little To-Do list that I really am planning to get finished. It includes 4 school assignments, finishing the bathroom wall project, finishing the kitchen floor project, buying prizes for Tuesday’s Bunco game that I’m hosting, and cleaning the back and front porches. Plus getting some of my own (read: not about WWII) reading done.

Not that the WWII stuff isnt interesting.  This is the one I’m working on now:

An Oral History 

It’s actually really really good, which surprised me. You can’t make fun of me for that.  But, no matter how good the WWII books are, I’ve got to have a little something different to read when I want to take a break.  Right now I’m going through some material that’s going to help me with the women’s ministry at Madison Heights.  We’re doing a book study for the next 2 semesters on Spiritual Mothering by Susan Hunt, so I just finished that one. Now I’m working through this one:God's Distinctive Calling for Women By Design, also by Susan Hunt. I’m only 2 or 3 chapters in, so I can’t really say much about it yet. But I’m enjoying it. Next up: The Legacy of Biblical Womanhood I guess you could say I’m a Susan Hunt fan. 

This topic is something God has really put on my heart lately, and I’ve just been reading everything I can get my hands on. I can’t wait to see where he’s going to lead me in women’s ministries in the future, whether its at Madison Heights or somewhere else in the world.

I’m getting really excited about the conference in 2 weeks. 

Okay well I think I just heard Luke waking up… finish this later.  Here’s a picture I took of him and Jane Bradley yesterday morning:8-31-06 052.jpg



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