Augut 13, 2006 ~ Sunday Evening

This week has been fairly busy, it seems, even though I don’t think I’ve done all that much.  We had the August Birthday Party (lots of August birthdays in our family), the last MHC women’s bible study for the summer, the missions conference supper (me & nate, my co-chair & his wife, and the head of the missions committee & his wife), the farewell concert for Mosby and Daniel Simpkins at Cups, and it seems like more but maybe not.

Yesterday was a fabulous day of nothing. Today has been much of the same.  I’m currently over at Mom and Dads watching Nate and Dad rip a big-screen TV out of the wall.  Dad got a new flatscreen and is giving us the old one.  The thing is freakin’ huge. Nate is excited.  Me… not so much. I told him he could only get it under ONE condition – he has to build a cabinet for it to fit in so that I can still have an armoire in my living room that matches.  I hate having TVs just sitting out in the open, especially big-screens. He has until September 8th to build the armoire. That was the deal. Or else.

The good part of the deal is that I get to move the nice armoire that we have now into the bedroom….which I’ve been wanting to do for a whlie.

This week is going to be filled with LOTS of homework. Lots. I mean it.


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