July 20, 2006 ~ Thursday ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NATE!!

Happy Birthday, Natey! The big 22!


What a pyro. But I love him.

This time last year we were standing on top of the rock of Gibraltar.  You can’t really top that birthday, so this year doesn’t even compare.  Oh well, he’ll just have to understand. I already gave him his birthday present…. I’ll take pictures and show you later.

You probably don’t believe me.  I always say I’ll post pictures on here and it seems like I never get around to it.  Maybe I’ll surprise you this time.

Still working on painting my bathroom.  I only have 1 day left to finish it because Josh and Lindsey come tomorrow. hughes wedding.jpg

They’re finally married as of a few weeks ago.

I like that we finally have married friends.  It’s about time they all catch up!

They’ll be in town Friday to Sunday. Aren’t you excited? I am!


Today my dad got one of these. What do you think? It’s for the beach.

That’s all for now.  I have lots to do today, and no time for posting.

Call Nate and tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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