July 15, 2006 ~ Sunday

 My laptop has officially decided that it hates this website.  So now I have to walk ALL the way back to my home office and sign on to the DESKTOP computer to update.  What an inconvenience.  Just kidding. 

Saturday was our rowdy Delta family reunion…  as in up north small-town Mississippi.  And not so much rowdy. But still fun.  We drove up to Shaw, MS yesterday morning and met at my great-grandmothers house, then caravanned over to Sunflower, MS for lunch/swimming/croquet/catch-up time at my cousins’.  We mostly sat around laughing at Luke the whole time. 

Then we came home and took a nap…. a long 5 hour nap, and it was wonderful.  Afterwards, Nate and I watched "A Good Woman" with Scarlette Johanson and Helen Hunt.  (To clarify… not literally with them. The movie starred them; they weren’t watching it with us. Although that would have been cool.) Good movie.  Then I cleaned up a little and we went to bed.

We decided to go to Highlands this morning since the church plant doesnt have a service tonight. We’re having a luau though, so that should be fun. The school where we’re having our services isnt available for us to use this week, so we’re having a community-wide social instead. I’ll take some pictures to put on here.

That’s about all that’s going on here. A nice, slow, family-centered weekend… which I needed, I think.  Sometimes it seems like we run crazy all the time and never have time to sit and enjoy what’s important.  Whether its a big reunion with all of us up in the Delta, or just a movie night with me and Nate snuggled on the couch, sometimes I’ve just gotta have a weekend at home-base.  


One thought on “July 15, 2006 ~ Sunday

  1. I thouroughly enjoyed hanging out with ya’ll in the Delta. You have a wonderful family, and I’m blessed to know them!P.S. Nice post. Family weekends are always the best.

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