June 19, 2006 ~ Monday

I’ve had an interesting past few days, to say the least. 

Friday night Nate decided that he felt like going to Memphis a day early, so we packed the car and drove up that night.  We got there just as everyone we were meeting had arrived downtown, so Nate dropped me off at Swig (a great little martini bar) to meet the girls, then he went to meet the boys at the bowling alley.  We stayed out for a while hanging out, drinking martinis, and enjoying the Buttery Nipples that the table of Ole Miss guys bought for us.  Too bad they didn’t know how bad their odds were before they bought us the drinks; almost all of us who were there are either married or engaged.  No fun for them!

Saturday morning Nate and I got up around 10:30am to get ready to meet Sean and Nikki Sawyers for lunch at McAlisters. They actually brought their kids this time, so now I can finally say that I believe they exist!  After lunch we headed back to Mollys to hang out with the girls  and got ready for the wedding. We headed to the church around 4:30pm or so, and took lots of pictures and spent time with the bride before the ceremony began. 

After the wedding, we drove over to the Junior League house for the reception, where they had lots of great food and an awesome band, although i dont know the name.  We stayed for about 4 hours or so, and had a great time.  Then we headed back to Jen’s to go to sleep.

Sunday morning I woke up feeling a little weird. My stomach was bothering me and I felt really nauseated.  We drove back to Jackson, but I slept the whole way in the car because I was feeling so bad.  We made it in time for the Fathers Day lunch with the whole family, but I still wasnt feeling that well.  We ended up leaving a little early so I could go home.

Nate and I decided to take a nap to see if it would help me to feel better, but around 6:30pm, I woke up throwing up everywhere…. absolutely disgusting.  The bad thing was that it pretty much didnt stop for most of the night.  Brad said I probably had the stomach bug that was going around and called me in some medicine, but I couldnt keep it down.  I tried to sleep, but couldnt, and it just kept getting worse.

Around 5am I was having terrible nausea and cramps, then I started losing feeling in my arms and legs, so Nate decided to take me to the ER.  It wasnt crowded and we made it right in, so they hooked me up to an IV and started me on medicine and fluids because I was so dehydrated.  They took my blood pressure and it was 50/37… definitely not normal! I was doing better after a while, so they stood me up to see if I would get nausated again and to take my blood pressure again, but I passed out.  So they put me on more medicine and fluids, but then I started twitching really bad…. but they said it was a side effect from having a 2nd dose of the medication.  It was so annoying- I felt like I had terrets or something.

Finally, around 9:30am or so, they let me go home.  I went over to mom’s house and stayed there while Nate was at work.  I went straight to sleep and didnt wake up until he picked me up at 6pm.  Now I’m doing much better, and am finally able to hold down a little food…even though its only toast, chicken noodle soup, and jello.  Hopefully its pretty much over now. 

Tomorrow should be better. I’ll probably head over to moms while Nate is at work again so I don’t have to stay at home by myself. Hopefully I’ll be back up to par by wednesday and ready to keep Luke and go back to the office.

We’ll see.


One thought on “June 19, 2006 ~ Monday

  1. Wow…I am so sorry. Did you ever find out exactly what you had? I hope you feel better soon! I’m looking forward to the family event this weekend, and I hope you’re well enough to come!

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