June 4, 2006 ~ Sunday

I’m typing this with 2 fingers taped together, so if there are typos, cut me some slack.  It’s harder than you think.

We just got back from Chattanooga about an hour and a half ago… We went for Chuck and Kate’s wedding (if you know them, I’ll be putitng pics up tomorrow, probably, so check back). It was a short trip, but very fun.  We saw tons of people we havent seen in years, so we had to tell everything we’ve been up to like 500 times.  Nate’s dad suggested that these kinds of events should have a kareoke style stage where each person can stand up with a microphone and tell the whole group at one time what theyve been doing for the past year. Much more efficient.  I agree.

It was nice to hang out with all of the Chattanooga/Chickamauga family.  We don’t see them  nearly enough.

The only bad thing was that my back pretty much drove me crazy all weekend and I dont know why. I’m not sure what set it off.  Plus my fingers are completely screwed up. Somebody tell me whats wrong with me and why my body won’t be normal!

Selling the Tennessee house this week – well, that is if this deal will go through.  I’m a little suspicious that the other mortgage company is trying to cheat us….. luckily I’ve got experience in that area, plus lots of people to take a look at it all for me. I hate crooked businessmen!

Thats all for now. This is way to hard to type.

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