May 30, 2006 ~ Tuesday

Oh how terrible it feels to be back in the real world.  Then again, some would say that calling my world "the real world" is somewhat arguable.

The beach was really fun.  We spent Friday on the boat, Saturday buying anything with a "for sale" sign in the entire city of Foley, AL, and Sunday on the beach. I do have to admit that it was nice sleeping in my own bed last night, though.

I’m reading a very interesting new book right now… changes that heal.jpg

I’ll tell you how I like it.  I also picked up another copy of Blue Like Jazz since Nate left ours on an airplane in Pennsylvania.  Now I can actually finish it.

And of course I’m still working on school work… I got 2 more papers back last night with grades and I’ve still got an ‘A’ so at least that’s keeping me motivated.  With Dad in Hawaii this week, I should be able to get alot of classwork finished during the day.  Things are never busy when he’s gone.

That’s all I’ve got for today.


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