May 27, 2006 ~ Saturday

Here’s an update for the past few days:

Wednesday Kelly came in town and so did AJ.  So we all went out.  We started at El Potrillo but they closed at 9pm and basically kicked us out.  So we walked over to Chili’s… very very fun night.


Then Thursday morning I decided it was a good day to go to the beach.  So I called Nate, told him the plan, asked if he could be ready to go by 4pm, and here we are.


Yesterday we went out on the boat… I got a little crispy, so I’m not going back out on the beach today.  We tied the kayak to the back so that Nate could do some real kayaking once we got out to the sandbar.  He even took Ruby and Star for a ride.


While he was being swept away by a current much stronger than he had anticipated, I found a bunch of hermit crabs….. which took me back to the good ol’ days of hunting for them in Gulf Shores with Matt.  Here’s one for you to look at:


 I put this one up on the boat to get a better picture. Dad wasn’t too thrilled.

Today Nate and Dad drove over to the Biloxi / Gulfport area to help with some Katrina relief.  So that just leaves me and mom (plus Janie and her friends, but they met a cabana boy and arent spending too much time with us).  I think Mom and I are going to head up to Foley today and go to the outlet mall. 

Fun times… Wish you were here!


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