May 22, 2006 ~ Tuesday

I would have posted yesterday, but there was a little bit of excitement in my neighborhood that kind of made it impossible.  A big truck took out a telephone/power line at the entrance to the neighborhood.  The live wire hit the ground and caught it on fire… then the power pole it had been connected to started to fall.  The power and phone lines went out…the power came back on pretty quick, but the phone lines and internet connections are just now working again.  Nate and I walked down there and watched all of the chaos.  They had an Entergy truck there for hours trying to fix the damage.  I had driven by right after it happened – the fire trucks and police arrived right as I did, so I was able to see a good bit of the action.  

Okay well that’s all I’ve got time for right now – I’ve got an appointment in a few minutes so I’ve got to run…..


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