Season / Series Finales

that 70s show cast season 1.jpg

Tonight is the night.  That 70’s Show finale. What a sad thing. Crying. 7pm central on Fox, if you want to watch it.







There’s also another finale on tonight….

will and grace cast.jpg

Will & Grace — But I stopped watching that show awhile ago, so I’m not quite as sad about that one.  NBC at 7Central (2 hours) if you want to watch.

Next week, I’ll be glued to my tv (or tivo) watching these finales:

24 jack bauer.jpg24, where Jack Bauer will save the world..

american idol logo.jpg

where this girl better be winning:katharine mcphee.jpg

and, of course,

house cast.jpg

although I’m not sure how I’m going to go through the entire summer without getting my "House" fix every Tuesday night….. It will be a sad, sad thing. 

And, hey, dont criticize…. I don’t have kids yet.  I can sit and watch my favorite shows every night without feeling guilty.  Don’t judge.


2 thoughts on “Season / Series Finales

  1. Hey, Just bought a coin from which will feature 2 finalists on 2 sides! Price is just $14.95.. Get yours at ya.

  2. House was kah-ra-zy tonight! And they are going to have back to back episodes of this season all summer long

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