If you have not noticed, there are suddenly lots of little Amazon buttons and links floating around on the page. You can now check reviews, get recommendations, search, and purchase from through my site.  Why did I add this on here, you ask?  Because it’s convenient, and I talk alot about books and music on here (Check on the Literature or Music section of the site if you don’t believe me)… this way, if you see anything you like on one of those pages, just hover over the link for a second and a little box will magically appear giving you lots of nifty information about the product.  Go click on one of those pages and try it for yourself.

Cool? Yes.  You’re welcome.  As a new associate for Amazon, I can do this and many more cool things, many of which I will be integrating into the site as time goes on.  Just remember, if you need to visit Amazon, get there through me. 

Here’s a recommendation for you today.  In light of the upcoming movie (2 days left), The Da Vinci Code, I know alot of people are reading up on the topic, whether for their own personal interest or to be able to field questions from friends and family about their personal beliefs on the topic.  If you’re one of those people reading up, here’s a selection of Titles for you:

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