May 16, 2006 ~ Tuesday

I’m sorry, Matt, but I am going to oh-so-shamelessly steal these pictures from your website.  After all, he’s MY baby.  Well, at least he’s MY baby much more than he’s YOUR baby!

The latest of Luke:

Oh I’m so in love.  I absolutely ADORE that little boy (: He makes me really want a little boy of my own.  No offense to my sweet little girls, but sometimes puppies and a stupidcat just aren’t enough.  You’ve gotta have a two-legged kid to make it complete.

The parade went well…Here’s a lovely picture of Nate sitting at his house:


I would put a picture of the house on here, but it’s not finished yet and any pictures I post of the house in its current state just wouldn’t do it justice.  So you’ll have to wait.   Most of you have already seen it anyway. 

Oh, and by the way, this site will soon feature the EXCLUSIVE art gallery of the one and only Marguerite L. Travis…    This site will be the only place in the entire world that you will be able to view, order, and purchase her artwork.  Stay tuned!!


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