2006 Parade of Homes

Today is the beginnging of the 2006 Parade of Homes.  One of Nate’s houses is entered this year.  Here’s the ad, which you can find in the Clarion Ledger:

parade house.jpg He is number 10 on the Purple Tour.  The house will be open from 1-6pm today (saturday), tomorrow, and next weekend on Saturday and Sunday.   Please stop by!!  He also has a house on the same street that is not entered in the parade (its not completely finished), but it is for sale also. 

Directions to Turtle Ridge: 

Take spillway road across the resevoir towards Rankin County.  Once across the resevoir, turn right at the 2nd stoplight, Hugh Ward Blvd.  Continue down this street until you see the Turtle Ridge Phase I sign on the left. Turn left here.  Take the first right.  His house is the 3rd or 4th on the right.

(from Lakeland Drive):  Turn onto Hugh Ward Blvd from Lakeland Drive (its across from the Walmart).  Continue down until you see the Turtle Ridge Phase II-III sign on the right.  Turn Right.  Take an immediate left. The houses are down a little ways on the right.  (Im not sure how many).

His lots are numbers 82 and 86.  He has a sign in front that says BonhamBuilt Homes, LLC.

Please stop by!


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