May 11, 2006 ~ Thursday

Luke is sound asleep in his crib and I’ve gotten a little housework finished.  And its only 7:20am.  Astonishing.  Anna-Young is coming this morning, too, so I’ll be keeping a 3-month old and a 14-month old at the same time.  Nervous? Yes.  I just keep telling myself, "There are millions of women who do this every single day."  I’m great with children, but I’ve never kept 2 this young that are this close in ages….when neither can talk or walk.  The 14-month old can scoot around on her booty though, and tends to get into alot of stuff…and my house is very UNbabyproof.  If I can get them both down for a nap at the same time, it will be a miracle.  I’ll let you know how the day goes.

On a side-note…. I’m a paper-writing machine these days.  I’m spittin these papers out like you wouldnt believe.  It’s about time I sat down and really got some work done for school.  Now that my extension deadline is rapidly approaching, I’ve gotta get it done.  It has taken me a year to get these 2 classes finished… A YEAR. Ridiculous.

Oh well, I’m going to get a few more things done real quick before baby number 2 gets here.  Have a great day!


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