May 5, 2006 ~ Friday

I’ll give you an update.  I had a fabulous birthday (it was yesterday). I woke up at 6 because that’s what time the baby comes every day, and he brought me a birthday present (: The card said "Nanny Nikki…" so cute.  I went to lunch with Janie, Dad, Lacey, Megan P., and Nate.  Then I went to work.  While I was there, Natey gave me my present, which was a gift certificate to Bombay so that I can buy a piece of furniture for the guest room that I’m having redone…also a birthday present.

But Lacey came and stole me away from the office to go shopping.  So she went and bought me some shirts from Ann Taylor:

Product ImageThis one

Product Image and this one.

Cute? Yes.  Ann Taylor is my favorite.

Then I went to Mom and Dad’s house to eat dinner, and our big ol’ family was there, along with some friends from the church.  Janie decorated for me – there was even a big 4 ft. blow-up cake! Tutu gave me this: Graham. and Ford gave me this: The Quotable Lewis except the cover looks different…. but I think its the same book.  Beth gave me a smellgood candle to go in the new guest bedroom when it’s finished…. she’s the one making everything (comforter, curtains, dustruffle, pillows, etc) for the room.  Janie gave me a gift certificate to Barnes & -, which I always love, and I could spend millions there.

And I got my Zen, which I already put on here because I got it early from my dad.  I’ll have to put pictures of the new room on here when it gets finished.  We’re still waiting on fabric to come in for the comforter, so it might be a little while.  It’s going to be beautiful though.

All in all, fabulous birthday. Thanks to everybody who made it so wonderful!


One thought on “May 5, 2006 ~ Friday

  1. Happy Birthdy (a day late)!!! I’m also so glad you got your eyes checked out and have a solution. Also, good to hear you’re getting my room ready for our next visit–hee hee!Love ya!

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