May 2, 2006 ~ Tuesday

This morning Nate had his "procedure."  We’ll just leave it at that.  Afterwards, though, he was pretty funny all drugged up on meds.  I think he asked me the same list of questions about 50 times.  He had some entertaining conversations with the nurse, who was enjoying the fact that she could harass him in his altered state of mind.  For example:

Nurse: (to me) The whole thing took about fifteen minutes… You’ll need to take him home and feed him, then he’ll sleep for a good long time…

Nate (interrupting): How long did it take?

Nurse: (to him) Fifteen minutes… (to me) Now, here’s the paperwork for you to sign…

Nate: (interrupting): How long did it take?

Nurse: (to him) Fifteen minutes… (to me) The medicine we gave him is going to make him forget some things

Nate:  What did you do to me that you have to make me FORGET it?!?

Or how bout this one…

Nate:  I didn’t say anything stupid during the surgery did I?

Nurse: You don’t say anything you wouldn’t say under normal circumstances….. So it kind of depends.  If you’re stupid under normal circumstances, then you say stupid things on drugs.

Nate: Uh-oh.

Nurse:  Yeah that means you were in trouble, buddy.

In all, he was a great sport…. despite begging them for pizza, trying to pull the IV out of his arm, informing them that something was wrong with the blood pressure machine, and telling them all that he does "Aerospace Engineering & Construction," but ran it all together like it was one single occupation.  Needless to say, they had to get me to describe what the crap he does for a living afterwards.

He’s sleeping now, probably dreaming of pizza. 


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