April 29 ~ Saturday

Well I keep getting reprimanded for not updating as much anymore…. It’s nice to know that my posts are missed when I disappear for a few days!

Lots of topics tonight, so keep up…

Hooray for birthday week!! Today I got this:


I know its not my birthday YET….  but I’ve been a good girl so I got it early from my dad. Mine is black.  I loaded it with lots of music and pictures, but I havent gotten any video on it yet.  It’s Tivo-compatible, so I can watch TV shows on it.  Pretty cool, eh?

Nate got a new toy today too:

Great Outdoors Pinnacle 5-Burner Gas GriHe made us hamburgers tonight. Yum. 

I think Anna Nalick is my current favorite artists – whoever her songwriter is (she might have written everything herself, I dont know) is fabulous.   I might be late jumping on her bandwagon, I’m not sure…. All I know is that I love her music.

Last night we had a wedding at mom’s house.  My aunt Ame married a guy she’s known since high school.  He’s got 4 kids (ages 4 to 17), so I have 4 brand new cousins. The wedding was beautiful – I would post pics up here, but I didnt have my camera with me yesterday.

OH YEAH – and if you were wondering about the whole eyedoctor thing… I had my appointment with Dr. McCaa yesterday.  I’m not eligible for LASIK but I might be for LASEK. Apparently my corneas are too thin to do the regular kind of surgery on me.  My prescription has changed again so I’m still having problems with that…. the doctor wants me to try some other things before resorting to surgery if possible, so she set me up with an appointment with a specialist at UMMC’s Center for Blindness.  She couldn’t tell me why I’m having so much pain and impaired vision….Hopefully I’ll know more after that appointment next friday.

Oh, and this is the commentary for Esther I was talking about, Tutu….

Esther And Ruth (Reformed Expository Commentary)  Iain M. Duguid

Nate has reverted back to his childhood days.  Janie gave him this:

And he has been playing this nonstop:

Silly boy.

This week will be a big week –

     Mon – nothing

       Tues – Nate doctor (He doesnt like me to talk about it, so no details)

       Wed – fun new hairstyle (okay that isnt that big, but still….)

       Thurs – Happy birthday Nikki

       Fri – appt. w/ eye specialist, PLUS the deadline for Nate’s houses to be finished

I think that’s all.

Okay well enough for now.




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