April 24, 2006 ~ Monday

I’ve been kind of sick all weekend, but I can’t really pinpoint what’s wrong… just a general sick feeling, I guess – nausea, headaches, fatigue, etc.  Its going away some now though.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be feelin top notch again. We’ll see.

I’m reading a very interesting book this week called Middlesex.  It’s definitely strange (about a hermaphrodite), but some of the greatest writing I’ve come across, I think.  Eugenides’ prose is absolutely beautiful.  It makes me feel extremely intimidated about ever writing my own.

Nate’s at driving school tonight learning how to drive again because a traffic judge decided that he wasnt good enough at it.  When he gets home in half an hour, he’ll be a driving pro.

Lacey’s belly is steadily growing.

That’s all of my updates for now.


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