April 19, 2006 ~ Wednesday

I missed Tutu’s bible study this morning…again.  Things are so much harder to plan with a baby in the mix!  He’s not old enough to be in the nursery yet, but the bible study falls right at naptime, so they said I could just bring him and let him sleep in the room.  SO that was the plan for the day, until he had a tummy ache and was fussy this morning…poor baby.  I didnt want to take a crying baby into the room with me, so it kind of changed my plans.  Guess I should get used to things changing at the last minute!

On another note… 

I love it when I catch up with old friends that I havent talked to in a long time.  I especially love it when I find that the friend is happy, healthy, and completely founded in Christ.  Those kinds of friendships are the best.  I love it when the phone rings and its a friend you havent talked to in years and you pick up right where you left off without missing a beat.  Precious.

Oh, and Oprah’s hair looked awesome today. Just thought you should know.



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