April 7, 2006

I always say I feel like I’ve skipped about 6 years of my life.  This morning I definitely feel it.  It’s not even 7am yet and I’ve already been awake for 2 hours and I’m sitting here watching a 7 week-old baby sleep. The crazy thing is that I like it.  I wish he was mine.

Sean and Nikki Sawyers came in town last night from Olive Branch. I wish they would just move here. Nikki says that we’re going to photo-document the entire weekend and put it on here.  We havent started yet, but I think its a good idea.

Today I’m helping Lacey pick out the furniture and accessories for her baby nursery.  I think its going to be peach and teal – so cute.

I dont think I’ve ever watched the 6am news before. Now that its 7, I have to choose among Today, The Early Show, & Good Morning America.  I’d ask for suggestions, but I doubt you’ll get back to me in time.  Guess I’m on my own with this one….


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