April 2, 2006

Aunt Love (Draper Love Turpin Kennedy) died on Friday.  We went to her funeral today in Inverness, Mississippi.  It was the first time Nate had ever seen the good ol’ Mississippi Delta.  Maybe now he’ll appreciate the fact that I’m from Jackson :)

I didn’t personally know Aunt Love very well.  She was my great grandmother’s little sister.  This is the second sister that MawMaw has lost in less than a month.  She’s having a hard time…She just kept telling people "Now I’m the only one left."  The main reason we drove up there was to see her since we don’t get the opportunity very often.  I would have gone up for her birthday on February 17th, but that was the day that Luke was born, so we all ended up staying in town for the birth of the baby.  I’m definitely glad we went… I’m always afraid that one of these days I’m going to get that ever-dreaded phone call and regret not taking advantage of the time we have left.  She’s 94 years old and has just recently beaten cancer…. She’s definitely got some spunk in her, but it still scares me sometimes.

I think its harder to watch your family hurt than it is to be hurting.  It breaks your heart in a completely different way, and its a lot harder to let go.


Nate is sitting in the living room watchig a scary movie, so I’m going to have to find something else to do.  Ever seen Saw? Well if you havent, it doesnt look like you’re missing much… I hate movies like that.  I really need to just clean the house, even though I really don’t want to. Bad housewife.

By the way – if you read this tonight, say a little prayer for me.  Tomorrow is going to be a difficult day.  I’ll explain afterwards.

Oh, and sorry it has taken me so long to update… I’ve had some complaints.

I just got finished cooking spaghetti.  I found emoticons on here.  Here ya go:  Chef.


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