Well, today my boss and I spent 5 hours sititng in front of a computer trying to salvage a deal that exploded.  We finally were able to, even though we basically got chewed out up one side and down the other by our client……but now theyre even better off than they were before, so it will be worth it.  Plus, I’ll make like 3 times as much on this deal than I would have on the other one.  Stressful, but it ended up working out better for everyone in the end. Despite the fact that I spent 11 hours in the office today.   I didnt even take off for lunch.

I think Stupidcat is in the attic.  I hear something running around up there in the ceiling, and the ladder is down.  Stupid cat.

One of the dogs is barking like crazy…  I’m so annoyed.

I’m so tired.


One thought on “today…

  1. Since you made good money on that one are you still thinking about changing jobs? If stupid cat got in the attic I am sure she had a good time. My cats love to get up there and explore. Love Tutu

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