running ragged…

sorry, folks… i’ve been crazy busy the last few days.  story of my life.  i’m so ready for the next month or so to be over.  good thing and bad thing: 30 days goes by way too fast in the financial business. bad thing for me at work, good thing for me in all other areas of my life.

i have a wonderful husband.  he lights up all of my days.

emily craft is moving here soon.  i can’t wait for her to get here. i need a girl.

mary’s baby still isn’t here.  what a bum.  he needs to just suck it up and stick his head into this world.

no caps today. strange how it’s not driving me crazy. i couldn’t do that with punctuation though. what a loser i am.

i love my sisters. just thought you should know.

i bought nate a top-o-the-line cigar yesterday.  the guy in the store said i could think of it like a gucci cigar.  thanks, habana guy, for bringing it down to my level.  unfortunately, i’m not a huge disigner type girl…. he thinks we’re all the same.  but then, i think all cigars are the same.

brownies brownies brownies.  ive made lots of brownies.  some realtors will be thanking me and sending me loans tomorrow. or at least theyd better be, or they won’t get brownies ever again.

nate makes my day. no, he makes my life (: 


2 thoughts on “running ragged…

  1. Hey Nikki! I just had a quick question that is off subject…what date was Tallulah born on? I’m thinking her birthday is coming up, and for some reason I think it’s March 5, but I’m wanting to make sure. Thanks!

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