Encouragement for me = encouragement for you

Yesterday I posted the verse of the day.  Actually, it was TODAY’S verse of the day.  I looked at the wrong date.

There’s something kinda funny about that.  Every day it seems that the verse just fits, you know?  I read it, and it feels like God specifically put that verse beside that date just for me.  Yesterday I didn’t feel that way.  It seemed like the verse just really didnt apply to me, and I was a little bummed because it was the first time.

Then when Nate and I sat down to read our devotion from the book, he started reading a different verse.  I asked him if he was on the right date, and he said "Yeah, February 5th, right?" So then he read the one that we were actually supposed to be reading:

Luke 18:27 The things that are impossible with people are possible with God.

How’s that for encouragement after everything I was thinking about last night?  I don’t have to worry about how to approach these things and fear that this is an impossible task.  It’s possible with God.  He gives me the words and the opportunities.  All I have to do is be receptive and listen to Him.

Just thought I’d share.


Something that made me smile:

Me: (bringing Nate the box of bandaids) Here you go – there’s all different kinds in here. See? there’s big ones, small ones, square ones and long ones. 

Nate: You sound like a Dr. Suess book.


By the way, say a prayer for me today.  It’s been a rough one.

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