Superbowl Sunday…Oops I forgot

I had no idea it was Superbowl Sunday until my mother-in-law called and asked if I was ready for the game.   Of course she knew it was today, because its a PA team playing….. and she’s a hardcore Pennsylvanian at heart. 

I just got finished putting a first coat of paint on the pantry (finally!) and decided I’m come post a little in here because everyone else in my family is watching the game.  Everybody = Nate, Treasure, Leia, Annabeth and Stupidcat.  Most of the girls don’t care about the game….. except Stupidcat.  She and Nate are pitted against each other.  Nate’s a Stealers fan and Stupidcat’s cheering on the Seahawks.  Only because she thinks that Seahawks sound more appetizing than Stealers.  They’re all having a little Tostitos & Salsa party in the living room. Except Nate won’t share. 

We’re going through Acts in the Madison Heights Church meetings right now (that’s the Gluckstadt Church Plant), and it’s been incredibly interesting.  It’s neat how things that I think about or read about during the week so often play into our discussions on Sunday night.  For example, this week we talked some about Leviticus and how the laws spelled out throughout that book make one understand our dire need for grace and an ultimate and final sacrifice.  Go down a post or 2 and see that I wrote about that very thing this week.  God’s awesome, don’t you think?  He likes to tie everything together for me so that I get a much more complete and full understanding of Scripture.  I think He just knows that sometimes I need a little extra help!

I was thinking alot tonight about people who are so convinced that grace + laws (or works) = salvation, instead of grace alone. How do you go about talking to someone who has such a strong pre-conceived notion about what they feel is truth?  Like in Acts, where Luke says that it is easier for pagan Gentiles to believe the gospel than the Jewish Pharisees, because the Gentiles had no previous ideas about salvation and were basically clean slates, while Jewish Pharisees must first have the whole foundation of their beliefs shattered before they can understand how free grace really works.  When you must first help someone to break down the walls that they have lived by for their entire life, how do you start?  What do you say? I don’t know.  But you know you’ve got to say something…  When you have the truth – the REAL, life-giving, undeniable, saving truth – you have to show it to others.  But in a situation like that, where do you begin?

Tell me if you know, because I sure don’t.  And there’s way to many people that I love too dearly to let them go forever without hearing the truth.

I love having a savior who understands my heart so completely. 

Today’s Verse:  For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.  Romans 15:4   (Taken from our daily devotion book, Voices of the Faithful.  See the "Currently Reading" section for more information.)



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