I like titles but sometimes I get tired of them.

I’m sitting here semi-watching and -listening to the State of the Union Address.  So much easier to just get the gist of the speech from tomorrow’s media critique.  Man, I’m such a slacker.

You know who’s a slacker? Luke Hoover!! He is STILL stuck inside a tummy and won’t get his butt out here in the real world.  We’re still waiting.  I should start a betting pool on which day everyone thinks he’ll get here.  Okay, folks – leave your predictions here! I’d love to know your guess.

I was unbelievable sick last night.  I won’t elaborate because I might gross you out.  Just be thankful that it’s over.  I am.

I’m about to get back to reading Leviticus for school — I never thought I’d say this, but Leviticus is actually a very interesting book if you understand the background behind it.  It makes me understand the need for an ultimate sacrifice even more.  Holiness just cannot be achieved, no matter how many rules you follow.

I need to post some pictures on here.  Maybe I can do that later tonight. We’ll see.  But for now, back to class work. 


One thought on “I like titles but sometimes I get tired of them.

  1. Hi Sweetie, I agree. I read Leviticus s couple of summers ago and found it very interesting and Informative. You are correct it opens your eyes to the need of a sacrifice. It is impossible for man to do it on his own.Love Tutu

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