Just an update…

The pantry still isnt finished… We now have The Week of the Infamous Pantry Installation. But, hey, thats okay…. I’m just thankful that I’m getting one.  It doesnt have to be installed all at one time for me to be happy.


Me: (talking about Stupidcat) She says she thinks she’s the hottest thing ever.  Don’t you think so?

Nate:  Well, not compared to you.  AWWWWWW! Wasnt that sweet????

Me:  It kind of detracts from the sweetness if you shout ‘AWWWW!’ and declare how sweet it was immediately after the statement.

Nate: So you don’t think I’m sweet?  You think I’m a jerk! My wife thinks I’m a jerk!

Me:  No, Natey…you’re the sweetest ever.

Nate:  Heh heh heh…. I won either way.


See what I put up with??

By the way, folks… I’ve had 1,025 hits on here so far, so I KNOW YOU’RE HERE.  You people are terrible about making yourself known.  You should say something when you come.  C’mon…


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