Here’s a real one…

Janie told me that my last post was boring because it was about books.  So, sorry if I bored you.

Today has sucked royally.  In my head, I mean. I dont know.  I want to feel content so badly, but it’s hard when I feel liike I have so much crap hanging over my head.  I want to simplify. Simplify. Everything.  I threw away tons of crap tonight.  Some dishes, some clothes, some crap that I didn’t know what it was, some Christmas decorations… whatever suddenly felt like excess. 

I’m ready for May.  I’m ready for things to be over.  I’m ready to have only important things.  I’m ready to actually breathe out. 

I have a wonderful husband who loves me and wraps his arms around me really tight when I cry.  Then he draws me a bubble bath and cleans the kitchen while I try to clear my head and cry into the bubbles. He gets me. Sometimes he’s the only one.

Back to Ephesians.  

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